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Position of the Woman from Prospect of the Person (the Part 4) - Helps

You do not require a powerful vacuum cleaner, and a small cut to look thin - only improve your position, and you will look lean immediately. Certainly, the appropriate food and realisation can help a little, also! Navel drawing in is fast way to smooth your stomach and to seem to more thin. You can practise it some times day somewhere, you. The big place to begin is in your car. Hold the abdominals difficult so much, how many you can. During long time, you be able hold that reduction for the big distances. Throw down a challenge to itself!
Some people even go, connecting sequence round them midelya (along a waist) to help understanding. However, there are some lacks:
A) Drawing in a navel (and subsequently formation of your internal belt named transversus abdominus) could make breath/breath difficult especially if you train, where requirement for oxygen much more above, and
B) really to increase intrabelly pressure, you should take in a deep sigh and hold it, surrounding abdominals. Along with a neutral back ridge, it is necessary, removing heavy cargoes. For these reasons I often recommend not to hold abdominals "difficult" (neither exposed, nor involved) to advance good position and to help to protect a back ridge 3
Here some other helps to help to improve your position:
1. Establish a rear mirror of representation of the car above. It will compel you to sit high, moving. Besides, pretend to be that your shoulders are attached to a place.
2. The additional parties, bearing luggage or a portfolio, and advantage two bags of a belt when the possible.
3. Learn to use ear-phones or leaving hands free the speaker, speaking on the phone. Again, alternate the parties if this choice is not accessible to you.
4. Lie it is longitudinal on a foam burdock (those that children's use to float in water) within 15-20 minutes in day to help to reduce position 20 humpbacks
5. Sit on the Swiss Sphere so often as far as possible (that is observing TV, influencing your computer, speaking on the phone, etc.) to improve balance/stability and position 3

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